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Installation, commissioning, overhaul and troubleshooting of steam turbines, gas turbines, nuclear turbines and Hydro Turbines​

  • RLA Studies of turbines

  • Retrofit of all turbine components of all designs and capacities

  • Supply of spares and taking up repair jobs in turbines



Installation, commissioning, overhaul, troubleshooting and Retrofit of generators of all designs and capacities​

  • RLA studies on generators

  • Electrical tests

  • Supply of spares

  • Taking up repair jobs



Providing the following services in Boilers/HRSGs of various capacities and designs

  • Installation, commissioning, servicing, troubleshooting and retrofit of boilers and boiler Auxiliaries

  • Repair jobs

  • Supply of Spares



  • Vibration analysis and balancing of rotating equipment at the site.

  • Rewinding of generator stators and rotors at the site

  • Performance analysis and optimisation of all equipment in the power plants (Including Supply of Total package hardware and software).

  • Efficiency studies of power plant systems

  • Conducting of Audit for operation and maintenance of power plants.

  • Arranging Training for Operation and Maintenance personnel

  • Recruitment support for new and experienced personnel for the Power Plant

  • Conducting Feasibility studies of the Existing power plant or for the establishment of a new power plant

  • Operational problems and electrical and control & instrumentation problems

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