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Workshop on Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants, 21-28 June 2022

Course - 1 -Steam Turbines & Generators - 21st June - 22nd June

  • Internals of steam turbines

  • Internals of turbo-generators

  • Maintenance of steam turbines

  • Maintenance of generators

  • Some of the problems in steam turbines & generators

  • Q&A

Course - 2 - Steam Turbines - 23rd June

  • Operation of steam turbines

  • Some of the problems faced during the operation

  • Q&A

Course - 3 - Turbo-Generators - 24th June

  • Operation of turbo-generators

  • Some of the problems faced during the operation

  • Q&A

Course - 4 - Electrical Systems - 25th June

  • Electrical Systems Inspection & Testing

  • Details about control & instrumentation

  • Calibration of C&I Pickups

  • Q&A

Course - 5 - Gas Turbines, Generators, Electrical Systems &

HRSG Systems - 26th -27th June

  • Details about gas turbines & HRSG Systems

  • Inspection & testing of gas turbines, generators, electrical systems

  • Some of the problems faced during maintenance

  • Q&A

Course - 6 - Gas Turbines - 28th June

  • Operation of gas turbines

  • Some of the problems faced during operation

  • Q&A

Who can attend?

Engineering Graduates, Postgraduates, Faculties, O&M Personnel of Power Plants.

No upcoming events at the moment
No upcoming events at the moment

Meet the Speakers:

Srinivasa Rao Telidevara

Mr. Srinivasa Rao Telidevara


Founder & CEO, Subhadra Energy

Mr. Srinivasa Rao Telidevara is an electrical engineer from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. He has around 37 years of experience in various capacities in the power sector like plant installation & servicing industry. In his tenure, he has given leadership in implementing, three power projects, namely HPCL Visakhapatnam, NALCO Damanjodi, and North Chennai Thermal Power Plant. In the Last 37 years, at BHEL – he provided expertise in Maintainance, Overhaul, and the establishment of several power projects across India. In addition, he was head for the Southern Region of Services Division in BHEL from 2012 to July 2016. Under his leadership at BHEL, the services division of the company achieved many national accolades. At Subhadra Energy, he has executed Overhauls of Steam Turbine and Generator 130 MW BHEL Make Unit#1 to Unit#6 at HINDALCO, Lapanga, Jharsuguda and Unit# 4 and Unit#5 in HINDALCO, Mahan, MP. He has resolved critical vibration problems in 360 MW , HARBINE, China Design, Unit#2 at RKM POWER-GEN, Raigarh. He has executed the erection of 600 MW Harbine design Steam Turbine, Generator, and Aux. at ESSAR POWER, Mahan, MP.


Mr. Rabinarayan Sarangi


Started with C&I commissioning, Electrical commissioning of various thermal power projects, Then additionally looked after electrical systems of Power projects of various ratings. Looked after also electrical, C&I systems erection, commissioning activities. Later discharged the responsibilities as unit commissioning manager for different projects. Then assumed the entire project construction activities as RCM for CPP, Paradip refinery. In the journey, handled the projects like NTPC Talcher, Bokaro DVC, Raichur Power plant, NTPC Ramagundam, NALCO, CPP, Angul, CPP expansion of HPCL Vizag, CPP of NINL, Duburi, etc. Also worked in the overseas project at Larnaka power Project, EAC, Cyprus

Vaiyapuri Pari

Mr. Vaiyapuri Pari


Mr. Pari has 37 years of experience in Thermal Power Plant Commissioning. He has retired as AGM, head commissioning (UCM) BHEL. In his tenure at BHEL, he has started as a coal-based turbine commissioning engineer for large utilities (120 MW up to 500 MW). In his illustrious career spanning more than 31 years, he had worked extensively across various Thermal Plant Commissioning projects across the country. At the end of his career, he was head of commissioning. 


Mr. Arumugam C


Mr. Arumugam has 37 years of progressive experience, working in Project sites at various power plants including Thermal, Nuclear, Hydro, Gas based power plants, sugar and paper mill plants. He was head of commissioning of BHEL 2x500MW units at Tuticorin, BHEL site as Additional General Manager. He also worked as electrical and C&I in charge of erection and commissioning in various power plants across India and also Qurayat in Saudi Arabia Gas plants Commissioning and O&M for one year, ID Fan & ESP erection and commissioning at Thailand paper industry and was involved in commissioning of 2x50MW units in Hydropower plants at Kuttiyadi power plant in Kerala. He assisted in the commissioning of SLBC units at AP.

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